Skating to 27

A quiet week for me on the sailing front following the challenging NSW Laser State Champs last weekend and the start of many loads up to the new place in Sydney.
The Laser States can only be described as challenging for all that were involved! Highlight of the weekend was definitely the reach in on Saturday in front of the storm front. I have never been that fast on a Laser before!  The race committee were forced to scramble three races for each of the fleets, just to get a series, in amongst the stormy conditions.  This resulted in tight short course racing, and a few race management issues in amongst the chaos of 100+ boats all racing on the same tight track. I myself have a few issues with the score card, but I had no time to take it to the room given that it is not my class – and the guys at Gosford really did what they could.
In any case, I proved a point. I am way too little for the Radial! I somewhat achieved my goal for the weekend with three good starts: cracker in the first race (on port tack), good in the second, great in the following general start, and not so good in the final start (stuck inbetween two breezes). My weight combined with no legs really hurt me up hill and put me back in the pack where decisions are always tough. Lucky I had some speed down wind!
It was a great weekend to meet up with Mel from DeckHardware, and officially be a part of the team! So many stickers! I also managed to catch up with Krystal Weir and Laura Baldwin, which was fantastic. There were quite a few plans on the Saturday night to jump in a boat together at some point! Stay tuned!
I was lucky enough to sail with the dream team on the Magic on Wednesday night for the LBG twilight, but apart from that I have been focussed on job interviews, wrapping up my present job and scrubbing the decks (and walls) in the new place. Has needed a big clean, but I am getting there! Was so awesome to fall asleep over the past two nights with the Nor’easter blowing through the verandah doors! Can’t wait to join in on the 470 training!
To continue with my break this week I am heading ice skating tonight to welcome another year tomorrow. Who knows what the age of 27 will bring, but I am looking forward to the next year and the exciting challenges ahead, as I continue on my path to achieve in the sport that I love! Watch this space!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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