Nic Douglass was originally trained in corporate communications and has worked for companies such as M&C Saatchi, Baulderstone, the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner across a range of strategic communication positions.

Her tertiary education commenced with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Public Communication) from the University of Technology, Sydney which she added to with a Graduate Diploma in Marketing Communication while working full time. She now also has a Post-Graduate Degree in Psychology from Charles Sturt University completed while working for the Australian Government.

Nic has sailed her whole life, is a three-time World Champion, has won two Olympic level grade one events, and has been crowned National Champion over ten-times in various classes.

It was only a matter of time before Nic combined her two loves, for broadcast and communication, and sailing in her own company – Adventures of a Sailor Girl.

Now commencing her tenth year of full-time work specifically on brand and event promotion within sailing, her industry network and social network is extensive, and something of value to brands and events wishing to reach her organic and highly engaged community along with her team of hand-picked broadcast and communication professionals.

Summary of products

  • Strategic communication consulting specific to the sailing market
  • Public Relations management; media liaison and written content
  • Social media management & consultation
  • Social media influence
  • Photography
  • Video production
  • Event management
  • Drone footage
  • Live coverage; commentary, live streaming from multiple angles including drone
  • Presenting; MC, speaker, commentator
  • Brand ambassador

Strategic communication

Communication is a necessary vehicle for all brands, events and personalities.

Strategically placing messages where your audience are most likely to engage is of the utmost importance to ensure that you connect your brand with your audience in the space where they most want to take on information.

We have the expertise to assist with developing a communication plan that achieves your goals, from written to audio visual or broadcast content.

Public Relations management

From writing valuable pieces on your brand or event, to ensuring effective distribution, Adventures of a Sailor Girl can tailor your media needs at a personal, brand or event level, on a national and/or international scale.

Social media management & consultation

Nic has been working and “playing” with social media since it’s inception. From managing the brands of her clients, to her own, there is no doubt that our knowledge of social media through both exposure, and psychological background is vast. We understand that social media needs to be strategic to leverage your communication goals.

Nic also ensures that she is always on the pulse by keeping in touch with what other brands and sports are doing outside of sailing to make sure that we stay at the front of the wave.

Social media influence

We are seen as an influencer, with 300,000+ engagements in 2018 and 40,000+ click throughs to our partners. We influence who our audience should spend their valuable time learning more about.


Nic has been involved with photography from a young age, and has a keen eye for product and sporting angles. Particularly in sailing, Nic knows the shots that will keep the audience engaged and looking for more.

Video production and drones

We have been contracted to create videos from in-depth interviews with Nic, to sailing action videos, event wraps, or product or brand promotion for online, broadcast or tradeshow use. Nic can be on or behind the camera, and our team can ensure that you are delivered with a professionally edited product to suit your branding and output needs within a prompt timeframe. We also have access to a suite of full licensed and insured drone pilots.

Event management

Nic’s prior roles have involved event management for national level events and ‘awareness weeks’. Her attention to detail is finely tuned, and understanding multi-layered events ensures that we are helping not just with communication output, but in ensuring an event runs as smoothly as possible.

Live coverage

From live streaming interview shows, to live coverage on social media, we have a strong track record with our live “in the action” coverage. Nic’s sailing knowledge and intimate knowledge of her network means that she is able to directly involve everyone that wants to interact and brings them back time and time again to her page, and the pages of those who support her and the events and brands that she works for. Budget dependent, Nic loves brining on “legends” from within her network on as commentators, can organise integrating multiple camera angles, including drone footage and branding to maximise exposure.


With one parent in the music industry, and one in sailing, it isn’t surprising that Nic has been on stage, and talking about sailing for most of her life. She has a natural ease that entertains and keeps functions flowing, as well as spreading your key messages in a fun and engaging way.

From MC-ing, to commentary or VIP experiences, Nic is more than able to engage with your audience in person as effectively as on air.