Flying high

What a month… I don’t think you would believe me if I told you about the amount of sailing, and the new adventures. Really enjoying saying yes to sailing quite a few boats I have not had time to sail in recent years. Mind you, saying yes has meant some days I have been on the water for multiple sessions to keep up the Tasar training, but also get out on…….. a Moth… and the 49er, almost regularly…. [insert big smile here!]
So first things first, on the June long weekend I headed up to Wangi for the Zhik Winter Regatta. As we didn’t start racing until 1pm, I took the opportunity post radio show to have my first Mothing adventure!
Yes I lost my Mothing virginity, and with a number of GoPros on the boat thanks to Jody of Bangin the Corners (thanks also so much for the use of the boat!), I can guarantee you that in nearly every frame there is a massive smile on my face! I was flying high in spirit that is for sure! Managed to hit 14.2 knots in sub 6 knots of breeze… pretty great for my first go, and looking forward to next time 🙂 not sure if I can claim full foiling, but to hit those speeds I had to be close!
On the Monday of the June long weekend, we packed up the Tasars heading over for the Worlds in August. It was a record pack of two and a half hours, plus about ten minutes to get it all locked up. For ten boats, was a great effort from all involved that is for sure! Looking forward to heading off in about a month now, exciting!
Training in the Tasar has continued, with training on Jervis Bay, from Ulladulla, Woollahra, Balmoral and of course Wangi as mentioned above. The NSW training squad is really enthusiastic, and I have been loving the group sessions.
Here is one of my favourite shots from last weekend… definitely right place at the right time. The sunsets have been amazing recently, and I have been so lucky to be out there enjoying them!

'Golden' Tasar moment...

‘Golden’ Tasar moment…

Now to the 49er! I have been lucky enough to go sailing a few times on the 49er… as with the Moth no decent breeze as yet. But I still can’t wipe the smile off my face. I am loving the double trap, and the new challenges both the 49er and the Moth provide in terms of agility… “Moth Aerobics” has been coined especially for me sailing in low wind speeds, and on the 49er, learning how to stand up involves quite a lot of retraining! Most importantly, loving the thrill, and the virtual flying speed of such awesome boats.
Not sure it can get much more gorgeous than the beautiful sunset above! I think for a while there I was far more focussed on capturing the moment, than actually sailing. We only just made it back as it was getting dark. As always there are more images available on Facebook. Can’t wait to do more sailing on the 49er in the coming weeks!
For now I am continuing to love exploring more adventures for the soul while training hard on the Tasar. Great to be involved with such great racing with the Tasar to continue building strategy and boat setup at a high level, while experiencing such amazing classes. I will keep you posted on the progress of both! Definitely makes me feel like I am flying high!

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