Audi Hamilton Island Race Week!

hammo 3Well I think I can quite honestly describe myself as exhausted. Happily exhausted, but far out! What an amazingly intense week here at Audi Hamilton Island Race Week.
I broadcast daily from the event, I was on the water every day, with two days of sailing, AND I even managed to MC the Henri Lloyd fashion parade in my “spare” time!
I don’t think I am going to write too much, because the radio shows will really help you to re-live what was an incredible event, so at least have a listen to the highlights package! It is worth it 🙂
For now though I will have to stick to typing, because my voice is pretty much done!
10628001_10152343795202843_1771031296_oIf you want more, you can be a part of the social media action – I would love to hear from you!
Includes interviews with: John & Ingrid (Spider 22, smallest in the fleet), Silas Nolan (Wild Oats XI bow, Shockwave), Adrian Finglas (RQYS Youth Program), Matt Owen (Local Hero, boat of the regatta, CEO Canberra Yacht Club), Denis Thompson (Race Director), Swan Dive Adventure, Gavin Brady (Beau Geste Racing tactician), Leslie Green & David Chapman (Ginger, winning MC38), Andrea Francolini (official photographer), Glenn Bourke (CEO Hamilton Island), Matt Chew (skipper of Alive Yachting and Gen XY).
Highlights sound reel: Bob Oatley, Fireworks, briefing, starting sequence, pool party, start on board Alive Yachting, wind on the flag poles, Denis Thompson, helicopter on board Beau Geste, Gavin Brady, marks deflating, Local Hero team, tavern audio.

Adventures of a Sailor Girl #19 on 24 August 2014 by Sunset Radio on Mixcloud

Day 1:
Interviews with Brad Stephens of XP (provisionally 2nd in IRC Passage), and Matt Owen of Local Hero (provisionally 1st in IRC Passage) and Matt Chew (skipper) and Ash Deeks (tactician) of Alive Yachting (provisionally 1st in IRC racing). The Sailor Girl also covers the official opening of #AHIRW for 2014, including Bob Oatley’s welcome, and the fireworks and also plays some action from on the water!

Adventures of a Sailor Girl – #AHIRW #1 by Sunset Radio on Mixcloud

Day 2:
Interviews with Andrew Kernan (L’Altra Donna), Keiran Searle (Swan 90), David Chapman (MC38 Ginger), Mark “Richo” Richards (Wild Oats XI skipper), Steve “Mothy” Jarvin (Wild Oats XI), and Gavin Brady (Boat manager, Beau Geste).

Adventures of a Sailor Girl – #AHIRW #2 by Sunset Radio on Mixcloud

Day 3:
Interviews with David Chapman (tactician on leading MC38 Ginger), Denis Thompson (Race Director), Silas Nolan (Wild Oats XI, Ichi Ban, Shockwave), Adrian Finglas (RQYS Youth Melges program), Steve Quigley (Wild Oats XI Marine Architect), Callum Cecil (bow on 2nd MC38 Dark Star).

Adventures of a Sailor Girl – #AHIRW #3 by Sunset Radio on Mixcloud

Day 4:
The Sailor Girl was out sailing on the RP66 Alive for the racing, but also caught up with Matt Owen (CEO Canberra Yacht Club, Local Hero), Rusty (Spirit of Mateship), Boettcher (Secret Men’s Business 4.5), Leslie Green (Ginger), and Phillip Turner (Alive).

Adventures of a Sailor Girl – #AHIRW #4 by Sunset Radio on Mixcloud

Day 5:
Sailing on Beau Geste’s TP52. Interviews with Teddy Anderson (Race Committee), Nick (North Sails) and Gavin Brady (Beau Geste).

Adventures of a Sailor Girl – #AHIRW #5 by Sunset Radio on Mixcloud

Day 6:
Interviews with: Josh McKnight (MC38 Hooligan), Traks Gordon (coach of Dark Star and Objective Australia), Andrea Francolini (official photographer), Leslie Green & David Chapman (Ginger), Ingrid and John (smallest boat in the fleet), Matt Chew (Alive and Gen XY), Glenn Bourke (CEO Hamilton Island).
Snippets with: Bob Oatley, Denis Thompson, Gavin Brady.

Adventures of a Sailor Girl – #AHIRW #6 by Sunset Radio on Mixcloud

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