This could be answered so many ways, but “how does the Sailor Girl work” is definitely the most common question I am asked on my adventures in a variety of ways, including the below questions:

So is this your full-time job?

Do you mind if I ask how you make money?

What do you do exactly?

Probably the most correct way to answer these questions is to tell you about my work history, how “Sailor Girl” came about and some examples of recent work.
I will expand on that in a minute, but what I will say is that I work hard, tirelessly actually, I have a lot of help from my amazing family and board, and everything that we make goes straight back into supporting me, or supporting the business to keep taking “Sailor Girl” to more events to promote the sport of sailing.
So is this your full-time job?
Yes indeed it is. On the 16 May 2014 I gave my notice at the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, and on 4 July 2014 I was officially full-time on the Sailor Girl, ending five years of Federal Government PR, and a corporate communications career of ten years (while sailing A LOT). More at my LinkedIn profile.
I started “Adventures of a Sailor Girl” as a personal blog via an ‘MSN Space’ in 2004, which became a campaign website in 2009, was one of the first Facebook pages in 2011, became a news source during the 2012 Olympic Games and then progressed to radio as a segment on another show shortly afterward. In early 2014 I started my own company, and my own radio show on our company station, and once we went full-time we also went global, growing on other social media channels and contributing content to sailing news sources in all corners of the globe.
My goal was to increase the amount of modern media in sailing, thereby increasing the value of the sport for potential sponsors for myself and for the events and organisations that I work with. And… it appears to be working!
Do you mind if I ask you how you make money?
This is more simple than people might think. But there are three main income streams.

  1. Our “friends” or sponsors for various events or broadcasts, or for the entire year.
  2. Presenting or consulting work and content production for particular sailing events (we like to think of ourselves as event promotion specialists), either as Sailor Girl or through your own channels.
  3. Selling content (like photos or videos).

What do you do exactly?
While I am sure adventurers mean this in the nicest possible way, I can understand why it comes out so bluntly. From a radio show, to a YouTube show, and social media broadcaster, what we “actually do” and especially when working in more modern mediums can be difficult to understand.
Primarily I help brands, events, and sailors to promote themselves throughout the world of sailing and mainstream media. Through a combination of my work history, education, and to be perfectly honest undeterred enthusiasm I am able to work under the banner of Sailor Girl to promote your brand or event through our networks* (which are continually growing), the networks of news providers that we work with closely (Sail-World, Yachts & Yachting, Scuttlebutt, DownUnder Sail, and SA) as well as the network television show NC Sports (over 22 million viewers); or I can work under the banner of your brand or event to build your own brands through cross-promotion.
What do our clients say about us?
‘Nic’s always a breath of fresh air at regattas.’
Bob Fisher – “Mr America’s Cup”
‘Nic has an infectious enthusiasm for reporting on events around the world, one which has gained her a well earned following on social media. During the fast paced World Match Racing Tour events, her ability to film and edit interviews, and manage our own social media channels on her own was a great asset to our media team, not to mention her knowledge of the sport, professional approach and boundless energy!’
James Pleasance – CEO World Match Racing Tour 
Read more testimonials here.
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Other networks

  • We have relationships with World Sailing, The Vendee Globe and most Rolex sponsored events to assist with promoting their messages and content.
  • Yachts & Yachting, Sail-World publish all of my daily event news and intermittent updates.
  • Sailing Anarchy, Scuttlebutt and Sailing World publish articles/videos that suit their own programs.