mkh235 — Gascoyne Junction
blakemacdiarmid — Middle School in Florida
thamel29446 — New Port
peteskewes — Home from school watching on TV
dejavusailing87 — Not born yet
rippedsails — Watching it in Auckland!
lyn_wallacecarroll — watching the race
doug.r1 — Melbourne after Challenge 12 campaign
charlesjarv — Not born for another 9 years
tom.cheney — A twinkle in the old mans eye
josh00close — Still on my way
zaco59 — Newport RI
huntsophie — At home on TV, in school uniform ready to sprint for the ferry, hurrah! Cars were blaring horns…
robaus3123 — Glued to my TV in Malvern, Melbourne. And YES I was late for work. 
michael_schmit83 — My parents loungeroom
patssuns — Invading Granada
18sferry – Uni
yayteamtomo — Getting ready for school in year 8